Thank you for visiting my review policy and disclosure page. I receive money or other compensation from various sources on my page, and it can be a long list so bare with me. I receive free books from major publishers who ask me to review their books. I always donate them later.  I have links on my page to other sites where I am paid by clickbank, commission junction, or Amazon under their affiliate program. I get paid if the person buys from these sites. I also use Google ad words where I am paid on a per click bases.There are times I am also paid to review products through various services that offer me money or free products.I also offer paid services for promoting products, which can be in tweets, or written articles.

With that said, all reviews are my own and are honest, but I generally only write reviews on items I like. I do not feel like it is my job to destroy another person's work. I much prefer to spread the word on good products.

All promotional and advertising is contracted on a case by case bases. I have a lot of followers, with around 300,000 on twitter, and another 100,000 spread over many media sites. If interested in hiring me, please send me an e-mail to info@sirjohn.org and I will get back with you.